Bikini Waterboarding (HD)

Price:   $30.00
Length:   8:23  
Description:   "Waterboard Butt!" Alika laughs referring to the famous 'waterboarding' torture technique! Only difference is this technique has the water from her bikini running up his nose, and filling his mouth lungs as he smothers and ch0kes! "Bikini Waterboarding" is what Alika calls it! "I'm riding the waves of your pain!" she continues bouncing her bum up and down on his face to the sounds of squishing water and her laughter *SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH!* After a while of squishing his ugly face under that hot bikini butt of hers Alika asks "Are you d3@d?" as he appears to be lifeless, but that doesn't stop her! She even jokes about humping his d3@d body should it happen for REAL!

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